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SonicWall Global VPN Client

The SonicWall Global VPN Client (GVC) is used to connect to a SonicWall Firewall offering IPSec VPN services.

As with many IPsec VPN Clints, the SonicWall GVC can conflict with other IPsec VPN clients. It is recommended that other clients be uninstalled before the installation of the GVC.

The latest GVC supports Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10.

As of approx November 17, 2017, SonicWall removed the GVC download from their public site and now require a login to their management portal.

Description OS Bitness Installer Name Release Date VirusTotal Link HybridAnalysis Link SHA256 Hash Download Link
Latest Windows 32 bit 184-005967-00_Rev_A_GVCSetup32.exe ? 0/67 Clean e6929020760f60b63eabaac1606ab8d97785692d2f6494ab24a8ad08a7d0e0e5 Download from Mirror
Latest Windows 64 bit 184-005968-00_Rev_A_GVCSetup64.exe ? 0/66 Clean 4209fecef4c2ce7f78057c21edce9ee17214d9ed2422a0f08f4ad6c100bb85dc Download from Mirror